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The Short Story

My name is Tabitha Carro. I taught kindergarten for six years in Georgia. I then taught 4th grade math and science in an partial immersion Spanish classroom for seven years. During those seven years I learned to create interactive resources to incorporate fun and tech skills to help my students master content while practicing the Spanish language. I came across the site Teachers Pay Teachers that led me into the crazy world of combining business with my passion for creating.

My Career Timeline

2004: Began my teaching career in a kindergarten classroom in Georgia.

2007: Married my husband, an Argentinian, after 18 months of a long-distance Internet relationship. I've learned the majority of my Spanish, design skills, and tech knowledge from him.

2008: Received the best birthday gift of my life - my Yorkie-Poo, Pookie.

2008: Took on the hobby of decorating cakes. It never went anywhere but I learned a lot about design and colors during that creative process. I miss it every now (but then I remember all the dirty dishes).

2010: Moved to South Carolina and began teaching 4th grade math and science in a partial-immersion Spanish classroom. Here is where I began learning how to create my own resources to assist my students with their learning. I also starting blogging under the name FlapJack Educational Resources.

2010: I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers along the way and being my journey as a side-hustling teacherpreneur.

2010: My husband became a US citizen.

2015: Started the Smartphone Marketing School to teach fellow TpT friends how to visually market their businesses with their phones.

2016: Created FlapJack Factory - a membership for teachers and TpTers to bypass a lot of design struggles by using my templates that streamline the creation process.

2016: Received the honor of Teacher of the Year at my school.

2017: Decided to take a year off from teaching to focus on my businesses.

2017: Purchased reseller rights to clip art from one of my favorite artists, Maree Truelove. Interestingly enough, she was taking a break from clip art design to enter the classroom as a teaching assistant.

2017: Spent four months exploring the US in an RV van with my husband from July to November. We hope to hit the road again soon.

2017: Created Mobile Stories Studio with Anita Goodwin. It's a membership to help business owners use Stories to market their businesses.

2018: Rebranded Maree Truelove's clip art under the name No Stress clip art. As a TpTer, finding clip art I could use loosely (unflattened) in my digital resources was not easy. And yet it was needed so that students could truly be interactive with the resources. I chose the name No Stress so TpTers know that this clip art can be used freely. Even giving credit is optional as I know personally what a pain the Credits page can be.

What About Now?

For now, I'm not planning on returning to the classroom. But I've learned I really can't map out life more than this moment that I'm in. I'm doing what I love and am most passion about - creating and helping my fellow business friends find success in their pursuits. And it makes me happy every day. No complaints here for sure.

Side Items

  • My dog is truly my best friend.
  • I LOVE to travel anywhere and everywhere with my husband.
  • I'm super obsessed with minimalism and learning how to live simply (although I'm not that successful.)
  • I don't have children of my own....yet. I need to hurry up!

Thanks so much for your interest in learning a bit about me. I hope you find something here that can help you in your own teaching and/or TpT journey!