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Wester Themed Class Decor Bundle

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If you are wanting to decorate your classroom with a fun western cowboy cowgirl theme, this classroom decor pack will be a bright and colorful addition to your classroom.


♘ Western Manuscript Alphabet Posters 8.5" x 11"
♘ Western Cursive Alphabet Posters 8.5" x 11"
♘ 6 Western Student Binder Covers (math, science, social studies, reading, writing, homework, data binder)
♘ Western Jobs Display
♘ Western Birthday Poster
♘ Western Birthday Name Cards and Month Headers
♘ Western Calendar Title, Month Headers, 5 different date square designs for creating patterns
♘ Western Grouping Cards
♘ 5 Western Name plate designs for early elementary
♘ 5 Western Name Plate Designs for upper elementary or to use as labels
♘ Western Welcome Squares for creating an easy sign at the beginning of the year
♘ 6 Western Student Message Cards (3" x 5") - "I hope you have a rootin' tootin' birthday!", "You're the STAR of the week, partner!", "Weeee Doggie! You did a great job!", "Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!", "Hey, Buckaroo! This message is for you!", and "A Note from Your Teacher"
♘ 2 Adorable Western Reading Bookmarks
♘ Western Number Posters 0-20
♘ Western Newsletter in Color and Black and White (AND in an editable PowerPoint format!!)
♘ Western Teacher Organization Materials - Binder Covers, Schedule, Objectives, Standards, Goals, Calendar Template, Student Checklist
♘ No Homework Slip
♘ Happy Note Home
♘ 10 Coupons
♘ Western Colorful Word Wall/Alphabet Flashcards
♘ Western Bulletin Board Poster and Border
♘ Western Color Word Posters
♘ Western Editable PowerPoint Templates to display instructions
♘ Images to insert into PowerPoint for editing and creating labels - Instructions are provided to help you customize my templates for your personal classroom needs! Almost all of the above items can be customized if you know how to insert images and text boxes in PowerPoint. Watch my Customizing Your FlapJack Classroom Decor Pack video for more details.