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Watermelon Class Decor Bundle

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If you love the combination of pink and green tones, check out this Watermelon Color Scheme Classroom Decor Pack. Only the bulletin board actually has watermelons in it, but if see the preview images, you'll see by the colors why I chose that name for this color scheme.

Pack includes:
* Manuscript Alphabet Posters 8.5" x 11"
* Cursive Alphabet Posters 8.5" x 11"
* 6 Student Binder Covers (math, science, social studies, reading, writing, homework, data binder)
* Jobs Display
* Birthday Poster
* Birthday Name Cards and Month Headers
* Calendar Title, Month Headers, 1 set of date number squares
* 5 Name plate designs for early elementary
* 5 Name Plate Designs for upper elementary or to use as labels
* Welcome Banner - very pretty and easy to make
* 6 Student Message Cards (3" x 5") - "Super Fantastic!", "Happy Birthday!", "WELCOME!", "Star Student of the week", "A note from your teacher", and "Have a great summer!"
* Reading Bookmark Gift
* Number Posters 0-20 with ten frames
* Newsletter in Color and Black and White (AND in an editable PowerPoint format!!)
* Teacher Organization Materials - Binder Covers, Spine Labels for Binders, Schedule, Objectives, Standards, Goals, Calendar Template, Student Checklist
* 10 Coupons
* Colorful Word Wall/Alphabet Flashcards
* Bulletin Board Poster and Border
* Rectangular 2" x 4" labels (great for fronts of notebooks)
* Small Circle Labels (five different designs)
* Large Circle Labels (five different designs)
* Table Circle Labels for up to 8 tables
* Images to insert into PowerPoint for editing and creating labels - Instructions are provided to help you customize my templates for your personal classroom needs! Almost all of the above items can be customized if you know how to insert images and text boxes in PowerPoint. Watch my Customizing Your FlapJack Classroom Decor Pack video for more details.