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Upper Elementary Math Poke Card Bundle

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Poke cards are simple, engaging, and self-checking!

This bundle is a collection of the poke cards I have created for my 4th graders based on common core standards. A few skills included are on a fifth grade level. Many skills would be great for your high-reaching 3rd graders.

There are 1,540 cards in all and they print more to a page than typical task cards (between 6 to 12 per page).

Resources included:

Fraction Poke Game Bundle

Owl Poke MATH FACTS Pack

Popsicle Poke Extended Facts

Long Division

Basic Long Division with Remainders

Comparing Numbers Pizza Poke Place Value


Factor Friends

Coordinate Graphing Monsters

Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages Peep Poke

Measurement Units and Conversions Poke Cards Bundle

Winter Multiple Digit Multiplication

Turkey Tickle Elapsed Time

You save $16 when purchased this bundle instead of individual resources.

Check out how poke cards work in my Poke Card Video.