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Sticker Clipart Fun Bundle 1

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Get the following sticker clipart sets in 300 DPI PNG format (color only):

⭐️ Bugs

⭐️ Animal Friends

⭐️ Candy Shop

⭐️ Family BBQ

⭐️ Picnic

⭐️ Monsters

⭐️ Farm

⭐️ Fiesta

⭐️ Robots

⭐️ Spring Flowers

⭐️ Tools

⭐️ Transportation

⭐️ Baking

⭐️ Awesome 80s

⭐️ Fair

⭐️ Sports

What makes these stickers different from regular clipart? These stickers simply have a white outline and drop shadow added to them to make them pop in your digital designs. I've been creating these for some digital games and really enjoying the overall look, so I thought I'd make them available to anyone else as well!

They work great as counters, game pieces, and overlays for social media and cover product designs.

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This sticker clipart works the same as my regular NO STRESS clipart:

- You can use as movable pieces in digital resources.

- You may use files for personal and commercial use.

- You do not have to give credit (unless you want to, but I know what a pain credit pages are).

- You do not have to flatten them in your digital files (but it's always good practice to do so).

- You can use them as movable pieces in digital resources (Google Slides, Boom, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)

For what you CAN'T do, check out this document.

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FlapJack No Stress Clip Art was designed by Maree TrueLove. FlapJack Educational Resources has purchased exclusive, unrestricted reseller rights to her clip art from 2009 - 2016.