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Second Grade Math Smart Board Promethean Flipchart Games BUNDLE

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This pack contains 16 math SMART BOARD AND PROMETHEAN FLIPCHART games aligned with the second grade common core standards. The games are self-checking and use the same format, so once students learn how to play one, they'll know how to play them all.

Games may be purchased individually, but you'll save 50% by purchasing them all together in this pack.

Please make sure you have Smart Notebook or ActivInspire software before purchasing. Unfortunately I can't promise you that these games will work with other boards.

✰ Adding Animals (CCSS.2.NBT.B.5)
✰ Comparing Cats (CCSS.2.NBT.4)
✰ Dinosaur Tales Word Problems (CCSS.2.OA.A.1)
✰ Fact Family Forest Friends (CCSS.2.NBT.B.9)
✰ Fluency Frogs (CCSS.2.NBT.B.5)
✰ Flower Graphing (CCSS.2.MD.9, CCSS.2.MD.10)
✰ Measurement Sock Monkeys (CCSS.2.NBT.MD. 2)
✰ Mental Math Magic Show (CCSS.2.NBT.B.8)
✰ Odd and Even Owls (CCSS.2.OA.C.3)
✰ Place Value Pirates (CCSS.2.NBT.1, CCSS.2.NBT.A.1a and 1b)
✰ Safari Fractions (CCSS.2.G.3)
✰ Shipshape Geometry (CCSS.2.G.A.1)
✰ Skip Countin' Cowboys (CCSS.2.NBT.2)
✰ Subtraction Sea Animals (CCSS.2.NBT.B.7)
✰ The Lemonade Stand - Money (CCSS.2.MD.8)
✰ Turtle Time (CCSS.2.MD.7)