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Frog Themed Class Decor Bundle

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If you are wanting to decorate your classroom with froggies, this frog-themed pack will be a bright and colorful addition to your classroom.


✰ Frog Alphabet A to Z
✰ 6 Frog Binder Covers
✰ Frog Jobs Display
✰ Frog Birthday Poster
✰ Frog Birthday Name Cards and Month Headers
✰ Frog Calendar Title, Month Headers, 3 patterned date sets, and days of the week
✰ Frog Grouping Cards
✰ 10 Frog Name Tag Designs for early and upper elementary
✰ 10 Frog Seasonal Mini-Notes - fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Day, Valentine's Day, spring, Easter, and summer
✰ 6 Frog Postcards - summer message to future students, welcome, star student, happy birthday, note from the teacher, end of the year
✰ 2 Frog Adorable Reading Bookmarks
✰ Frog Number Posters 0-20
✰ Frog Monthly Newsletters in Color and B&W
✰ Frog Teacher Organization Materials - Binder Covers, Schedule, Objectives, Standards, Goals, Calendar Template, Student Checklist
✰ No Homework Slip
✰ Happy Note Home
✰ 10 Frog Coupons
✰ Frog Templates
✰ Frog Avery Label Rainbow Stickers
✰ Frog Colorful Word Wall/Alphabet Flashcards
✰ Frog Bulletin Board Poster and Border
✰ Frog Color Word Posters
✰ Images to insert into programs for editing - Watch my Customizing Your FlapJack Classroom Decor Pack video for more details.