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BEACH Smart Class Website Doc (Google Slides Style!)

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Would you love to have one place where parents can find your newsletter, homework assignments, monthly calendar, reminders, and more?

Would you like to be able to update all of these in just seconds? With this beach themed Google-style Smart Class Website Doc, you can!

☄☄☄UPDATE!!! BONUS PARENT SURVEY FORM. Collect essential data from parents with ease with the Parent Survey Google form.



A robust Google Slides Presentation that keeps parents and students updated with important class information in real time!

A document that updates easily and immediately. Add a change on any desktop or the Google Slides app on your phone and it will sync across all platforms in seconds.

A lifesaver.*** My partner teacher and I reduced repetitive email messaging DRASTICALLY with our Smart Class Site. Answers to questions about homework, test dates, projects, etc. were all just a tap away on their smartphone. This freed up more time for more important individualized communication and teacher planning in general.


☄EASY TO EDIT TEMPLATES. The following templates will make sure parent and student communication is top-notch!

✰ Smart Class Website Doc Template

✰ Alternative Homework Template. It contains five slides for each day of the week and is sized for interactive whiteboard display. Use this in conjunction with your website doc or by itself.

✰ Parent Handout Template. This handout will let parents know all about the class website and how important and helpful it will be for staying informed throughout the school year.

✰ Business Card Template. Give parents and students your class website link and other important info in a nicely designed business card format.

☄SLIDE DESIGNS. And apart from these, you can customize, delete, and add all the slides you need for your class needs.

✰ Newsletter ✰ Homework ✰ Classroom Policies ✰ Contact ✰ About The Teacher ✰ Student Of The Week . ✰ Calendar (instructions given for linking to a Google Calendar) ✰ Subjects ✰ Schedule ✰ Websites ✰ Science ✰ Social Studies ✰ Math ✰ Writing ✰ Spelling ✰ Reading ✰ Our Class ✰ Snacks ✰ Recess ✰ After School ✰ Physical Education ✰ Art ✰ Music ✰ Drama Club ✰ Foreign Language ✰ Plus Five Different Blank Template Designs

☄INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO TUTORIALS. They will help you make the process painless and fun. Subtitles are added as well.

✰ Make A Copy Of Your Templates

✰ Change Template Names

✰ Create A Folder

✰ Bookmark Folder And Website Doc

✰ Share With Partner Or Team

✰ Change Share Permissions

✰ Create A Custom URL For Sharing

✰ Add URL To Handout And Business Card

✰ Edit The Home Page

✰ OPTIONAL: Add a Google Calendar

✰ Edit The Announcements

✰ Print And Save The Weekly Newsletter

✰ Choose From Two Homework Options

✰ Layer Photos On Desktop

✰ Use The Google Slides App

✰ Embed Your Slides Into A “Real” Website