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4th Grade Math QR Code Task Cards MEGA Bundle

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4th Grade Math QR Code Task Card Mega Bundle!

This fourth grade math task card bundle contains all of the math QR code task cards I have created for 4th grade at over a 50% discount (1,206 cards in all).

The task cards shown above are just A FEW of the many 4th grade task card sets you'll receive in this bundle. The COMPLETE 4TH GRADE QR CODE MATH TASK CARD BUNDLE FILE is located in the BONUS section. Be sure to download that if you purchase!

4th Grade Math Task Card Sets:

☄ Math Operations Fun Theme (4 sets)

☄ Measurement Conversions Bundle (5 sets) - US System, Metric, and Time

☄ Measuring Angles

☄ Fractions Bundle (10 sets) - This is a very thorough bundle based on 4th grade fraction common core standards.

☄ Coordinate Graphing - One and four quadrant problems are provided.

☄ Estimation - All four operations including word problems are provided.

☄ Factor Friends

☄ Factor Rainbows

☄ St. Patrick’s Theme Math Operations Bundle (4 sets)

☄ Doggie Division - Long Division with Two Digit Divisors

☄ Long Division Cupcakes with One Digit Divisor

☄ Basic Long Division Animals (Two Digit Dividends)

☄ Elapsed Time Ladybugs

☄ Party Penguins Multiplication Scavenger Hunt

☄ Spring Theme Math Operations Bundle (4 sets)

☄ School Theme Math Operations Bundle (4 sets)

☄ Multiplication and Division Basics

☄ Pet Patterns with In and Out Boxes

☄ Funny Fall Addition & Subtraction

☄ Place Value Bundle (4 sets)

☄ Area and Perimeter

☄ Geometry